Providing A Foundation For Better Living For All

Jacquie Figg - Founder
Executive Director


Jacquie Figg has spent years researching law and gaining understanding of the effects of law on the lives of the people. For the past 15 years her focus has been on creating and running various non-profits and faith-based organizations. She is a tenacious go-getter who acts on the knowledge she has uncovered. She is caring, no-nonsense and honest, with a focus on sharing that knowledge and experience to help others gain control of their lives, while providing solutions to situations that seem hopeless.

Jacquie has spent many years continuing her education and trained under Karin Huffer as an ADA advocate. She has experience in teaching, construction, property management/maintenance and ownership. Her first job was as a film developer for an ad agency. Her past experience also includes different aspects of journalism; research for, then editor of, “The Middle East Financial Directory”, as well as research for the book Too Much Too Young.

“As a result of my many life experiences, I have dealt with spousal abuse, mental health issues, property management, homelessness, and advocacy -- all while raising four children. There is a tidal wave of homelessness coming as a result of COVID-19. Courts are lifting the moratorium on foreclosures and for cases of unlawful detainer. People will need advocacy, peer support and outreach. They will need bathrooms, showers and a safe space when they feel unwell or need to leave their belongings when they have a job interview, and so, so much more. No one should have to be homeless. That’s why we created Foundation For Better Living.”

Thomas Jenkins - CoFounder
Contract Manager

Thomas has many years of experience in a variety of capacities. He began his working career in the areas of commercial plumbing, electrical and general construction work, including large equipment operation. During this time he also had the privilege of spending time with many wealthy entrepreneurs who were passionate about teaching others to make the world a better place.

Inspired by these leaders, Thomas began doing his own research and immersed himself in various arenas of nutritional health. This brought him a clearer understanding of how compromised our food and water supplies have become. This knowledge reinforced his passion for helping others to become healthier… teaching the importance of making informed choices on what goes into one’s body.
In the last few years, he has also become focused on healthy, directed exercise to tone and build up the physical body. Thomas understands the need for access to healthy food and holistic medicine and has many years of experience with multiple supplements and diverse suppliers.
Thomas has had the privilege of learning from a cadre of professionals, both in the areas of nutrition and also leadership. He has a charismatic, energetic love for humanity and a passion for health and wellness. His skills in bringing together the “right” people who have a common cause have led to many working relationships in medical, nutritional and physical-fitness fields. His high energy and motivation for life, health and growth on all levels encompasses the following areas: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


Jose L. De La Cerra - Director


Mr. De La Cerra is a HUMAN RESOURCE PROFESSIONAL with over forty years of hands-on experience in manufacturing, service and logistics.  He is principal HR Consultant at Fair Oaks Resources in Upland, California.  Prior to that he held HR management positions with Carlstar Wheel Mfg., La-Z-Boy Mfg., ABM Industries Inc., A&G Alstyle Apparel Inc., Polyclad Laminates Inc., Easton Aluminum Inc., Institute of Medical Studies and Rockwell International-Space.
He holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and has professional affiliations and appointments as a San Bernardino County (California) Workforce Investment Board Member and for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).
In the above capacities, Mr. De La Cerra is recognized for his interpersonal, leadership, and communication skills as well as an understanding of changing organizational dynamics. He specializes in coaching, grievance resolution, counseling and interviewing with emphasis on employee relations in an ethnically diverse workforce.
Using practical business sense, coupled with a keen appreciation for urgency in resolving employee related issues, he focuses on maintaining high employee morale and employee retention. Mr. De La Cerra is responsive to organizational needs and partnering with business units to achieve company goals.
Areas of expertise include: recruitment retention, employee/industrial relations, benefits administration, performance management, Worker’s Compensation/Safety, lean manufacturing and distribution, and logistics. He has managed a work force of 7500 in multi-state organizations, as well as international assignments.


Carole Jenkins - Director


Carole Jenkins, B.A., M.A.: Carole has 40+ years of experience in the field of education including classroom teaching (grades K-7), membership on planning/instructional committees at both site and district level, leadership committee membership, presentations at teacher seminars, and master teaching programs (mentoring student teachers). She has been especially involved in developing curriculum to meet the ever challenging needs of students.

Along with her educational pursuits, Carole has been on a personal quest for information on how law affects the lives of average people, as well as researching in the areas of health and wellness, the quality and effectiveness of the American diet and taking personal responsibility for healthy living.  “We are all one, connected by the essence of humanity. Thus, each act of kindness, every endeavor at learning has a ripple effect on all. Knowledge is power, they say, but with action that power changes lives.”


Dr. Wade K. Butler - Director
Chairman of the Board

Dr. Butler currently serves as the Co-Founder/Senior Consultant for Eco-Terra Farms, LLC (“ETF”) a U.S. company dedicated to delivering modern technological solutions for today’s food production needs. ETF is a company that has committed itself to helping nations with their farming needs while also supporting innovative advancements in the science of energy production, water creation, and ecological breakthroughs offering disruptive state of the art technology systems for world-wide application in the United States, Africa, South America, the Caribbean, and Asia.
Additionally, Dr. Butler is a consultant who specializes in market development, contract negotiations, advertising, and fundraising for charities such as The Association for Retarded Citizens, The American Cancer Society’s “Cattle Barron Ball”, Texas War on Drugs, I Have A Dream Foundation, and The Roundup for Autism.  He served as the Executive Director of The Endowment for Medical Research and Education, overseeing research through 2500 clinical trials of the benefits of nutritional products from multiple nutraceutical companies. The results of the research were published in leading Medical Journals, as well as documentary and historical publications.



Sherry Watson - Consultant

Co-founder and Chief Visionary Officer (The Power of Purpose)

Sherry Watson is recognized as one of the nation’s top experts in the world of nonprofit organizations. Sherry has nearly 30 years of experience in the nonprofit industry, she has generated over $130 million in funding and she has led movements that changed policies at the local, state and national level that have impacted and improved the lives of millions.

Sherry has designed and launched several successful organizations and corporations focused on social and economic value creation and strategic planning. Sherry utilizes her expertise in business planning, strategic planning and grant writing in her consulting work with entrepreneurs. She works with organizations and corporations in all phases. Her clients range from small start-up entities to business ventures to large corporations. Sherry is nationally recognized as a leader of a movement that is out to change America for good, that means for the better and it means forever.

She’s renowned for unleashing the power and passion of America’s nonprofit corporations and socially conscious entrepreneurs with a clear purpose: to harness the power of the people and aim it straight at the chronic problems we currently face today. She’s fueling the movement with the Power of Purpose, a movement throughout the United States in partnership with investment funds and angel investors to build a coalition around passion and power of difference-makers from coast to coast.



Rachael Figg - Director
Program Director

Rachael Figg, B.A. (Business Administration/Management): While attending California State University, Rachael worked and maintained a competitive grade point average, all while dominating in her respective collegiate sport – soccer. In her position as Community Services Assistant for the city of Fontana she was responsible for facilitating department-to-community outreach and performing various administrative duties.

In her spare time, she advocated for those in need through volunteering for the following: The Welsh Foundation Volunteer for Highway Clean-up, Helping Hands, Children’s Foundation of America, and Loma Linda Children’s Hospital.

Following graduation, Rachael moved to Spain for two years to pursue her dream of playing soccer at the next level while working to support herself. While there, she taught English to young native Spanish speaking students aged 8 through 18. In these capacities, she provided linguistic support, encouraged student interest in foreign language, and fostered appreciation of other cultures. Most recently, due to COVID-19 issues, Rachael has moved back home to California where she is teaching online with the nonprofit organization, Speak, Feed, Lead!

During high school, Rachael and her family experienced homelessness; thus, in her position as Program Director for Foundation For Better Living, she brings first-hand experience and knowledge to help others overcome the challenges of being displaced so that they can also achieve their dreams.







Daniel L. Johnson M.D. - Consultant

Dr. Johnson is a dedicated and caring physician who has known since the age of five that his mission in life is to help people. After completing medical training in 1979, he became an ER doctor for the busy trauma center at Desert Regional Medical Center, where he helped thousands of patients - many with life-threatening problems. After 10 years of this high stress level emergency service, he became the co-medical director of Eisenhower urgent care centers, a large chain affiliated with Eisenhower Medical Center.

About that same time, Dr. Johnson began personally experiencing several serious medical problems and mainstream medicine didn’t seem to have any good answers. This forced him to search for “alternative” answers. That led to the realization that training in mainstream medicine is mostly about treating symptoms with drugs, while holistic/integrative medicine is about discovering the true underlying cause of an illness and correcting it.

In 1996, with this new perspective, his conscience guided him to make a personal transition to holistic medicine. He spent 21 years as the medical director of Desert Longevity Institute. He has now taken on the same position at Anti-Fragility Health in Anaheim.  

Dr. Johnson is a dedicated and caring physician whose life is about helping others find solutions to health challenges. His childhood conviction has never wavered and he has been helping to heal patients for forty years.