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Foundation For Better Living is looking to collaborate with other organizations whose common interest is in making people's lives better. If you have an organization or know of one that my be a good fit please go to the "Contact Us" tab above and send us an email with your recommendations.

Education and Vocational Job Training


Our non-profit offers community partnerships for education and vocational training. We connect skilled tradespeople with apprentices in construction and auto mechanics for on-the-job training, bring community members together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems to enhance community wellbeing (economic, social, environmental and cultural) at a grassroots level.

The Foundation For Better Living

We at Foundation For Better Living are an ever-expanding group of professionals who believe that every person can achieve a better life, regardless of what their beginning point is. We believe people are displaced and not “homeless” as Earth is our home and we are displaced by certain events. These events should not define us!

Everyone should be able to have shelter, a home to live in, the basic utilities and food for themselves and their families plus wellness, knowledge, care and hope for a better future. Together we are making a difference by working with non-profits, faith based organizations and donor partners to reestablish the American dream for anyone willing to make the effort. Many of us working with Foundation For Better Living have been in a situation in our own lives where we felt our “American Dream” was in jeopardy or out of reach.

What We Intend To Do



Housing Education Resource


We provide educational workshops on housing rights and responsibilities, financial literacy, mediation and referral services, as well as develop and distribute educational material on a variety of other housing topics.  

Education And On The Job Training


When one has an address, a job, and a future the entire family unit becomes a part of the dream.  Our programs establish hope for those without the resources to accomplish their dreams and goals, through the following: restoration / repairing donated houses/vehicles; providing on-the-job training in all aspects of construction/auto mechanics; providing homes/vehicles for individuals/families; producing an income stream to the non-profit through any donated properties/vehicles that are sold.

Housing Services For Displaced Families


Since 2008 financial crisis many families have been displaced and are in need of a home reunification program. We are concerned that a new wave of foreclosures is on the horizon as a result of current economic conditions. We want to quickly and successfully (without preconditions and barriers to entry) connect individuals or families experiencing homelessness to permanent housing. This includes Providing Holistic Transitional and Assisted Care Housing that focus on health and nutritional needs (and ultimately Permanent Housing where necessary), supporting the unique needs of the individual or family unit—fostering the greatest independence possible.  

Tiny Homes For The Homeless


American media is having a love affair with Tiny Homes. Their affordability and flexibility are reasons we believe we can begin solving the homeless pandemic that plagues major cities of the world. Not only does a Tiny Home provide a roof but it offers self-worth, responsibility, and security that so many people do not experience. Entire communities can be developed and governed, resulting in productive stable families and hope for a future.

Community Development


It’s our intent to partner and take collective action to generate solutions to common problems. This includes utilizing underperforming/vacant properties, recognizing a new paradigm shift that is occurring. As more people move to work from home, a wake of empty office buildings, strip malls and box stores is emerging.  Recognizing the shortage of affordable homes, we feel that this is a great opportunity to utilize underperforming/vacant properties and meet the needs of single/small family units. Our Community Development is based on a set of principles: Collectivity; Community Empowerment; Social Justice and Sustainable Development; Human Rights, Equality and Anti-discrimination; and Participation.

The Dream


All across the nation today people are standing up saying, “It hasn’t happened for me.” The homeless population increases daily and Veterans often return home to find they don’t fit in anywhere.  Many may resort to drugs and alcohol to ease the pain because there is no re-entry program available to help them re-adjust to society.  Crime increases and social programs are hit and miss; but we believe we can be part of the solution.  Together we can be the difference to implement this solution.